The 3 Best Website Builders

Ease of Use

Zyro is a platform where you can build your own website in no time. You just need to sign up before you got redirected to their builder. From then, you can use the drag and drop tools that are completed with grid lines to make website building become easier. The other features such as numerous templates that are easy to customize, a variety of business tools, a collection of stock images and an automatically-enabled SSL encryption.
The platform also offers you hosting services which include unlimited storage and email accounts, so when you finish your site, you can easily publish it by using this service.
With these user-friendly features, you don’t really need any knowledge about coding or website designing because they have simplified the complex tools to give you the best experience in website building.



Zyro is very reliable in the field of website designing because their features will make your site look professional. Their most powerful feature is designed AI tools. It includes the AI writer, Heatmap, Blog Title Generator, Slogan Generator and Business Name Generator. Just like the name, each of them is there to help you create a unique and SEO-friendly site without any hassle. The heatmap though is very popular among users because it helps you to predict what visitors see and what they focus the most. There’s no additional plugin for this tool which made opening business online become easier.
The Zyro website builder also provides you with a simple user interface (UI) with a grid-based layout that will definitely make your design become precisely better. Moreover, they offer you some technical tools such as third party applications integrated (Google Analytics, Google Ads and more), free SSL certificates for each site, unlimited bandwidth and storage and stable uptime. Most importantly, they give you options of dozens professional and responsive templates with no ads ever. Therefore, you will get easy navigation whether you open the site from PC or mobile devices.


Value For Money

Zyro pricing structure varies from Free, Basic, Unleashed, eCommerce and eCommerce + plan. Every plan differentiates each feature starting from the essentials to the advanced ones. For instance, they give 3 GB bandwidth, 1 GB storage and no 1-year free domain for basic plan users while the upgraded one gets unlimited support. The basic plan also doesn’t let users integrate some third-party applications such as Messenger, Google Analytics and more.

Starting from $4.99, Zyro pricing plans are relatively cheap compared to the other website builders. Their plans are good especially for beginners who just started their business online. Moreover, all of them come with 30 days money-back guarantee and free hosting. They also accept payments from major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal which make the subscription easier for international use. It is billed on a monthly or yearly cycle and apparently, they are currently on promotions which make the subscription plans cheaper. So, this is the best time for you to try this out!
Besides the paid plan, you can also try their free plan that gives you 500 MB of bandwidth and storage. Consequently, you won’t get a custom domain and no third party integrations with Zyro ads completely shown. However, no matter what plan you choose, Zyro tools will always come in handy.


Design Flexibility

Zyro offers more than 50 designer templates that are customizable. You can change anything from fonts, colours, texts and images by just drag and drop the elements. With completely easy-to-use tools, Zyro also gives you access to tons of free images library that is resizable by simply dragging the corners. Above all, their AI tools are very useful to help you get recognized by people from all around the internet. With help from AI, you can create a content fast and make your web design stands out. Furthermore, you don’t have to be afraid if you accidentally close the builder because Zyro autosaves every few seconds. However, please note that some of the space can’t be customized on-site and you can’t switch templates midway. Therefore, you have to choose it carefully since you also have a chance to preview the template before actually build your site.



Help and Support

Zyro customer services are divided into 2 ways, via e-mail and live chat. Both of them work 24/7 to help you solve the problem. Unlike the other platform, they are not available for phone support. However, they can guarantee that your chat will not be replied by bots. In addition, you can also visit their Support page which contains of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and a Help Center that comprises articles of advice and answers from the Zyro team. After that, you can find basic knowledge of bandwidth, what is connect your domain means up to the technical issues. Whatever options you choose, it’s very likely for you to know more about Zyro.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages :
    •    AI tools supported
    •    Grid-based layout builder for a precise look
    •    50+ designer-made templates
    •    Responsive templates for PC and mobile devices
    •    Free stocks image for any plans
    •    SEO tools and SSL certificates automatically added with no additional prices
    •    Website uptime of 99.95%
    •    Simple drag and drop website builder
    •    Third-party integrations (Google Tags manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Messenger, Hotjar)
    •    Multiple payment methods both for subscription and eCommerce site

Disadvantages :
    •    Unclear knowledge base (no in-depth guide)
    •    Limited space to input items like text, images, maps, videos and buttons (stuck with the template)
    •    Lack of blogging features
    •    The AI writer only provides good results in English
    •    No tutorial and useful information for beginners
    •    Ads shown for free plan users
    •    Slow-reply customer services
    •    No free domain for basic plan users
    •    Multiple languages site available only for eCommerce + users
    •    Basic plan only get 3 GB bandwidth and 1 GB storage with the unordinary high price of $4.99/month

Why Should Customers Choose Zyro

Zyro website builder is a good platform especially for beginners who want to open their personal brands or start a business online. They offer a high technology website builder which uses rare AI tools that will absolutely make your site gain more visitors and look better. Even though the company is still new in the field, they are continuously growing to serve customers better. They have fixed many bugs and added some new templates as the improvements based from complaints.
The official site of Zyro itself has some useful pages such as its blog, tips and tricks on how to sell online and build a powerful eCommerce website. Some of their blog contents are marketing tips, inspirations and ideas, interesting things that business owner has to know and most importantly, the essentials to grow online businesses. You can find all of them in just one official Zyro site and after that, scroll the page directly to what you need.



A Gist of The Whole Review

Zyro is a new website builder under the huge and promising Hostinger company. The platform is constantly developing day by day which make it even more redoubtable. Moreover, Zyro offers a stress-free environment that can make website building and designing become fun and easy. Even though it lacks some smoothness and several features, users are still satisfied with their services. For instance, the AI writer and heatmap have continuously amazed users until now. This happens because of the reasonable pricing plans that are almost the same as the other builder even though Zyro gives useful AI tools.

In conclusion, Zyro may not be as good as the other website builder if you look from the eyes of advanced users. It’s because of the limited space to customize and the lack of templates (haven’t reach one hundred in a collection yet). However, they give the best features with a powerful eCommerce platform, so it’s very worth to try. You can start from the free version first and if you like it, you can upgrade your plan anytime.


Customers Opinion

    •    Great pricing options
Zyro pricing is its major upside, affordable for all of use. It's also easy to use and to navigate. I liked it!
    •    Efe Flores (August 16, 2020) via mybestwebsitebuilder.com

    •    Zyro is worth the shot!
I’m happy with my overall experience, Zyro is not perfect but it's worth it.
    •    Ilyas Sparks (August 16, 2020) via mybestwebsitebuilder.com

    •    Zyro is like “Baby’s First Business Site,” but it’s actually pretty good for a simple tool. If you’re looking for more complex design features and third-party add-ons, however, you should probably look elsewhere. The support is also not great.
    •    Ezequiel Bruni (August 13, 2020) via websiteplanet.com

    •    Suitable for everyone
Zyro is easy to use, suitable for anyone who wants to create his first website.
    •    Lyndon Amos (August 6, 2020) via mybestwebsitebuilder.com