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The 3 Best Website Builders



Apart from ease of use, Wix offers many more amazing features. This includes:

 •    Template designs: In Wix, you will find over 500+ template designs for you to choose from. They are categorised in 70 different sections, which also makes it easy for you to search and find. With so many options, you are sure to find the perfect one for your site. If you wish to know more about the templates, you can also press info on your preferred template, to know all about its themes and which sites use this template the most. You can also click on the preview option to see how it looks, or click on edit to directly start working.
•    Wix app market: Even though Wix ensures customers are provided with all the required tools and services, there are few which can't be accessed. To fill this void Wix developed an amazing feature called App market. That offers integrations with few marketing tools, live chat,
newsletter app ,widgets, and shopping carts.


However, most of these apps come free of cost. A very few with advance feature comes with premium versions that require payment. This feature is provided by third-party service providers. Customers can access this just by one click.
•    Slideshows: This particular feature helps you to get more engagement on your website. It lets you display your images and other contents on different slideshow galleries.
 •    Wix Gallery: Another way that Wix helps to increase engagement through images, is by making them shareable. All the images can be sharered on social media. The feature also helps you to enhance the images.
•    Video Backgrounds: One of the very handy and attractive features of Wix, is that it allows you to put your videos. You can also put background music as your page loads. The music will start to play as soon as the page loads.
 •    Wix’s Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI): This feature gives the users more control over their websites. It allows you to change the algorithm that is used to build your website as is suited to you.


•    Wix Corvid: This feature is helpful for tech-savvy, as it is an open-source development platform for building both basic and advanced web applications. Besides this, it is a serverless computing system, total freedom to coding, design creation, and management. Some of the features that include under this are Business and marketing tools, Front end, IDE and DevOps, and so on.

•    123FormBuilder: This particular feature is designed for online and offline data collection. This can be used for both business and individual use. Moreover, it is a cloud computing-based software that provides a flexible platform for multi-purpose. For instance form creation which includes survey form, quiz, poll, and even time-sheets.

•    Flip Books: This feature is especially useful for the business website. In this, they want to publish their company brochures and magazines to reach the customers. These flipbooks create high-quality digital material. Besides this, it also provides an option where customers can just flip pages of the brochures or magazines. On the website without even downloading in PDF format.

•    Advanced Design Features: These features provide customers to make their website come into life with amazing graphic effects. This includes animations, videos, and scroll effects. When it comes to gallery, customers can upload the video and image in the gallery and display it in the gallery section. No need for a separate mobile optimization widget or plugin. Since it is optimized automatically on different devices. When it comes to advanced scroll effects, customers need to add parallax, reveal, zoom-in, or fade-in scrolling dimension effects.

•    Professional Features: Wix provides customers the freedom to customize the domain name according to their needs. In fact, there is a special feature where you can use the exiting domain name from another site and connect with Wix. Along with these it also provides the professional email selection option which represents the domain and business of the customer.
Wix provides the hosting which is completely secure and safe for the customer website. Some hosting plans offered by Wix are free of cost. This feature also provides SSL certification to improve SEO Ranking and Analytics to track the performance of the website along with a few social tools.



Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages :

    •    The site is perfect for first-time users, as it is very easy to use.
    •    The prices are not too expensive and justify their worth.
    •    There are many tutorials and help columns that you can read and understand how to use.
    •    It has a lot of design templates, which will help you to choose the one best suited to your site.
    •    It has a lot of third-party apps that will help you to take your site to the next level and increase traffic on your site.
    •    Wix also has a good site speed. Your site will not take a long time to load.
    •    SEO management is also built-in. You will need to mention a few basics, as to what your site is about and some keywords and Wix will automatically help you with your SEO.

The disadvantages

    •    If you decide to change your template then you have to start from the scratch. There is no option of copy-pasting your content on a new template.
    •    The basic subscription plan does not remove ads.
    •    If you are going for the free site, then you are stuck with the Wix branding in your domain link.


Why Wix

One of the biggest reasons why a customer should go for Wix is because it is very simple. You will not require to break your backs to learn all the little techniques to get a hang of it. You will be able to make great sites using the many pre-loaded templates Wix has to offer. It is a great site for a first time user who has little or no idea about building a website.


With simple and easy step customers can build a professional and effective website. All the sites on the Wix are SEO friendly sites.

There is a lot of help available on the site that will help everyone to get the hang of the site. Wix also lets you promote your content in various ways. It has third party apps such as Live Chat- a feature you can add to your website to connect with your customers. With the current discounts, Wix premium plans are also a great value for money.

If you are looking for a fast, easy, safe and reliable site, which doesn’t hamper your vision then Wix is the way to go forward.


Help and Support

Wix has an extensive network of help and support. At any point that you are stuck, you can go to their help page and read their extensive answers for every problem. There are also many videos on Wix which will help you greatly. If you are unable to get a hang of it, then you can ask for professional support. Wix gives the option to hire a professional who can either make your whole site according to your choices or can guide you throughout the process. Wix’s helpline number and emails are also 24/7 open for users. They reply promptly and provide the needed help.



What Are The Users Saying

Wix has millions of customers in 190 countries around the world.

“We found Wix very easy. It’s really simple and does a lot of the legwork for you such as providing pre-made templates and colour schemes. You can just sit back and do it easily”- Naz

“I love how simple it is to make beautiful sites on Wix. I wanted a minimal, modern and professional-looking site. Wix allowed me to do exactly that”- Claudia

“I was genuinely surprised that making a website could be done so fast. In an hour, I’ve done everything. I didn’t know the first thing about building a website”- Ragini Khanna

There have been other surveys as well, which showed that about 80% of the users who used Wix have been greatly satisfied with it.


In Conclusion

Wix is the world's number one website development site. Moreover, It offers both free and paid plans an equal number of templates and designs. Wix takes care of the domain, hosting and storage capacity so that customers do not need to worry regarding any of these. The simplicity of the design usage made Wix top among all the Web developing sites.

The special and advanced features provided by Wix made marketing and SEO ranking even easier for the customers.It gives users more than just a website builder.


It allows the users to explore more through their apps market. Wix also gives users a lot of flexibility and doesn’t limit their creative process. It is perfect for all kinds of industries and will easily satisfy the needs of the users. There are certain aspects that Wix still needs to improve upon, mainly the issue of starting from scratch if you choose a different template. However, Wix still stands up to its hype and we highly recommend it for first-time website builders.

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