Inaugurated since 2007, Weebly is a web hosting services based in San Fransisco with offices spreading from New York, Scottsdale to Toronto. Acquired by Square, Inc. in 2018, Weebly is now providing an even bigger service for eCommerce purpose.

What They Offer

    •    Powerful drag and drop website builder equipped with content elements such as texts, photos, maps and videos
    •    eCommerce and blogging plan available
    •    Build, edit and manage the site from mobile devices
    •    Numerous photo layouts with full-width images, slideshows and custom backgrounds
    •    Mobile-friendly themes available
    •    Full customization templates
    •    App Center for third party integrations
    •    Custom domain name
    •    Comprehensive SEO tools
    •    Easy custom contact forms, RSVP lists and surveys
    •    Reliable hosting with a free plan available
    •    Embed videos from external links
    •    Themes and branding tools for business purpose
    •    Providing website statistics in real-time to track visitors
    •    Full HTML/CSS control
    •    Password protection for pages available
    •    Automatically add SSL certificates and DDoS mitigation to prevent a cyber attack
    •    No forced advertising and Google Adsense integrated
    •    Support Center and community forum available
    •    Options of phone (every day on standard business hours), chat and e-mail (24/7) for customer services



The 3 Best Website Builders

Ease of Use


Weebly is a website builder where you can embody your dream of building and growing a business online, just like their first founding mission. They can make everyone has their own website with just a few clicks, drag and drop. You just have to sign up, choose a theme for your website then edit it with their professional web page editor. Some elements to choose inside their web page editor are Basic, Structure, Media, Commerce and More. You can also add some additional items such as images, videos, surveys, audio clips and slideshows. You just have to drag and drop it to your selected space and it’ll automatically adapts with your site to create a proficient look. Neither coding nor web designing knowledge is needed here. You just need to pick the best elements from their tons of options then you’ll finish your site in no time! Their website builder will not fail you!



With a powerful drag and drop website builder, you don’t have to worry if your website will not stand out in public. Weebly obviously helps you to grow your online business with their complete builder elements such as texts, photos, maps and videos as well as a dozen amount of customizable professional templates in every category of business, portfolio, personal, event and blog. Upon choosing the template, you also have chances to switch theme midway and preview it before you upload it publicly. From then, you can always edit and manage your site easily via mobile devices.

Add some additional applications from their App Center, make use of the given SEO tools, branding tools and the real time website statistics and enjoy a smooth-no ads site. You don’t have to worry if your site is being attacked because they set a high protection for every site, so your data will be safe secure with them.

You can always contact them anytime via e-mail, live chat or by phone (during office hours only) in case you have problems because they provide you with competent customer services, so they will surely help you in any way. If you want it, you can also visit their support center and a community forum to solve it on your own.


Value For Money


As a top 4 website builder, Weebly comes with 2 pricing categories. The first is for websites and the other is for online stores. They offer 3 plans for each category, with an additional free plan for websites only. So there are free, connect, pro and business plans for websites and pro, business and business plus for online stores.


The difference between every plan are ranged from site features (storage, domain, site search and ads), marketing (site stats and pop-up notifications) and customer services (phone support is limited for pro and business users only). Some of the examples are the free and connect users only get 500 MB storage while the pro and business users get unlimited storage, the ability to connect a custom domain for all plans except free users and a no chance to remove Weebly ads and insert a site search for free and connect users.


As a good website builder with many exceptional features inside, Weebly can be considered as a low-cost platform better than the other competitors, but this actually depends on what you need and how you sign up to be their clients. You only get the price just like on their ads if you paid annually and just like a typical industry marketing, the more period of subscribing time, the more you will save your money.

Design Flexibility

With plenty of modern and minimalists template choices, you are fully in charge of designing and customizing your own website. You can add video backgrounds, animated images background and the other essential elements. Ideally designed for beginners, Weebly offers easy-to-use tools which only need to be dragged and dropped.


With the ability to automatically resizes and adapts for each element, there’s no way your site will get a tacky-look. One thing that makes Weebly popular is, all of their templates are unbelievably responsive even if you open it (or edit it) on smartphones. Yes, they can quickly adjust to your screen size! And all of these flexibilities are exactly why this platform is in demand among beginners or even experts.

Help and Support


As a big company, Weebly surely has the best customer services. They provide 24/7 services via e-mail and daily services during business hours (including weekends) via chat and phone. You can always contact them every day from 5 AM – 5 PM on weekdays and 7 AM – 4 PM on weekends (please refer to North America local time zones).

Even though they provide direct customer services, you can always solve any problems by just visiting their Support Center or Community Forum. Their Support Center contains articles of how to’s, short guides and some other knowledge base while their Community Forum featured some topics that are made by users. With these options of help and support, you can choose any type that is available as you wish.


Advantage and Disadvantage

Advantage :

  •    Easy website builder with numerous essential features and customizable modern templates
    •    Responsive templates for mobile devices
    •    Helpful ability to build, edit and manage the site from mobile devices
    •    Have a free plan that is worth to try
    •    Completed with SEO tools for every plan
    •    Simple website statistic tools available for a free plan and is more detailed for paid plans
    •    Google Analytics can be integrated for each site
    •    Selections of third party applications inside their App Center
    •    Allows you to add administrators if you work in a team
    •    Make certain parts of the website as member area only
    •    Make password protection for pages
    •    Unlimited bandwidth for Weebly web hosting
    •    Important features for blogging purpose


Disadvantage :

  •    Their elements structure each can’t be edited
    •    Not supported for multilingual website
    •    Internationally limited (Weebly has apparently blocked any traffic from China, Russia, Iran, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Middle East and West, Central Africa and Ukraine
    •    No built-in option to undo changes
    •    Limited photo editing capability
    •    Weebly will still display their ads on free and connect plan users
    •    Phone support is available for pro and business plan users only
    •    No free domain and Google Ads credit for free and connect plan users
    •    Email marketing (promotional e-mail powered by Weebly promote) is only for business plus plan users
    •    Manual site backups
    •    Limited storage (500 MB with a maximum of 10 MB each file) for free and connect plan users
    •    The blog site is made for only one person to manage (no multiple authors)


Why Should Customers Choose Weebly


Trusted by more than 25 million users, Weebly has become a top 4 among the other website builders. The company has received an award as The Best Websites of 2007 on American magazine called TIME and recognition made by Business Insider as one of 15 cool new apps in 2011. Their site is also completed with a blog page for users who want to learn more about SEO, Web Design, eCommerce, Photography, Brand Building, Marketing and more.


Besides, you can also visit their Inspiration Center which shows tips and tricks (similar to their blog page), Success Stories of Weebly users and Developer Docs to get in-depth knowledge on how to develop apps (or even join the developer community). With this much features and resources, it’s highly recommended to use Weebly as your platform to go online.


You’ll get to use a very easy tool to build a personal website, blog or even small business and you’ll have an easy way to reach their customer services. There’s no single chance of being down and not knowing anything. Thousands of retail stores, eCommerce and restaurants have signed up for Weebly, so why wouldn’t you?


A Gist of The Whole Review


By trusting Weebly, people said that website designing wasn’t just easy, but it was really fun too. Compared to the other platform, they scored high because of their varieties of templates and features with reasonable prices. They are also good in the field of mobility and add-ons as you can edit and manage your site with any devices with choices of applications to add from their App Center.

Being acquired by Square, Inc., Weebly seems to lean more on its eCommerce services as their new logo includes the words “eCommerce by Square”. Now, doesn’t it seems even more reliable to use Weebly for business? Whether you choose a free or premium plan, both are worth to try!


Customers Opinion

      •    Weebly is the best builder for small business sites and portfolios. It’s easy to use and comes packed with apps and features to help grow your site, from SEO to ecommerce. You can build a simple, stylish site with Weebly’s drag-and-drop editor, and it’s a great choice for portfolios, blogs, online stores, and business sites.
Lucy Carney (August 20, 2020) via

 It’s hard not to like a site builder like Weebly, that is easy to learn and fun to use. But when it comes to your own website, ease of use isn’t everything. In this case, Weebly’s simple site editor means limited features, especially compared to other popular builders, like Wix and Squarespace. And let’s face it – those feature-rich builders are pretty easy to use as well.
Jade Mudri (July 23, 2020) via

 Other artists friends told me they also used it and found it to be user friendly.
 Elizabeth via

    •    Weebly made it easy to test out their product and trial it for free.
  K. Hart via