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Squarespace is not considered as a complicated website builder; however, it is not the most intuitive one. You have to click "Save Changes" after every step, slowing your progress. Compared to BlueHost and Weebly, it may take you longer to understand its interface. However, as you gasp all the steps, you can easily master this website builder. Choose from the professionally-designed templates, with great layouts and artistic themes. It also features an image manager, providing drag and drop capabilities. In fact, Squarespace is distinguished for its fully-responsive templates, along with control tools and e-commerce software. All the templates are powerful, with a Readme file that includes instructions. Simply put, it is a straight forward platform, easy to use, with a high-quality interface and magnificent content presentation.  




Advantages & Disadvantages


    •    Great templates and themes
    •    Blogging features
    •    AMP support
    •    Useful stock images
    •    A wide range of website fonts
    •    Template editing
    •    Video backgrounds feature
    •    Parallax scrolling
    •    Logo design
    •    High-quality content
    •    Image addition and editing
    •    Importing and exporting content
    •    Charts creation
    •    Multi-language website
    •    Built-in integrations with Dropbox, Pinterest, Google Drive, and Mailchimp
    •    Powerful add-ons
    •    Squarespace-Zapier Integration
    •    Squarespace plugins
    •    Social media integration
    •    Email marketing tools
    •    Data capture and forms
    •    Scheduling posts
    •    Share button addition to blog posts



    •    Low load speed
    •    Only one sub-navigation (Not suitable for large websites)
    •    No file management


    •    Templates: Squarespace offers more than 100 prominent templates, with perfect fonts, sizes, and themes. The available templates suit every taste and website purpose from travel blogs to restaurants and online stores. Really, this website builder strives for the best, providing a fancy look and feel. Pick the relevant template and you're good to go. If you want to switch to another template, it is not possible. However, you can make all the changes you want on the current one.

Haven't found the perfect template? – Don't worry, you can customize them according to your needs or hire someone to do the hard work for you. Just use Squarespace's developer platform and pay for it. This website builder allows you to create a calendar, online store, or booking appointments with little effort. The more complex icons include social media icons, charts, scheduling forms, and Amazon products. You must know that the layouts have some limits, unlike Wix.com. But, these limits are there to keep your website neat and consistent.

    •    Responsiveness: On building a website, you will need a website builder with a responsive design that fits any device. Squarespace comes with powerful built-in mobile sites so they look good on any screen, no matter its size. You can also edit your website easily from your mobile phone or tablet, using the Squarespace application. That feature is particularly important as most people navigate the internet through mobile phones. All in all, it's easy and convenient, facilitating editing, no matter you are!
    •    Blogging: If your business depends on blogging, then Squarespace is the best choice.

 Well, let's start with the pros:

- You can add blogs as many as you can, with no restrictions
- You can create different types of blogs, including reviews, tutorials, news, and more
- You can enable the AMP feature on your blog posts, so it uploads fast in front of your users. This is pretty good, boosting your - search engine results.
- You can use categories and tags, so your audience can easily filter your content.
- You can add Share buttons on your blog posts
- You can make use of the scheduling feature to save time
- There is a comment feature
- You can make use of the multi-author functionality
- You can host your own podcast
- You can edit your blog posts on the same page, with no need for a separate interface
- You can add videos, photos, charts, audios, galleries, slideshows, and more
Now, let's state the cons:
    •    There is no autosave, which is frustrating if you accidentally delete a part of your content
    •    The website builder doesn't offer to archive the different versions of the blog post
    •    You can't update an already live blog post, using a draft version. All you can do is to duplicate the existing post, make your changes, and then publish the new version. The bad thing is; if your blog post has comments, they are gone on disabling the old version.



Like all other website builders, the blog posts have the benefit of SEO options, with Meta titles and descriptions. You can share your blog posts on the different social media accounts or send them as newsletters. The bottom line is; yes, Squarespace is great, with impressive blogging features. However, if you're a professional blogger, you might want to consider better options as WordPress.
    •    SEO Optimization: Of course, your goal won't just be building a website. The main goal is to make your business visible, increase your reach, and boost your sales. This website builder does a really decent job with SEO, with great optimization tools. These features make it easier to rank high in the search engines, boosting your exposure. The website builder features tagging, XML sitemaps, article links, social media buttons, and email marketing. If you want, you can pay extra for an effective option, the Squarespace SEO Expert. That's it not; Squarespace has a built-in tracking tool, which identifies some statistics such as traffic and views. You can display these results using graphs and charts. Yes, great effort!  



 •    E-Commerce Features: With many great options, the Squarespace e-commerce plans allow you to build a powerful online store. Choose from the professional designs, start with the Basic Commerce plan, and make use of the different features. It offers these key features:
- E-commerce analytics
- Instagram store integration
- Label printing
- Shopping cart system
- Selling an unlimited number of products
- Gift cards and discount codes
- 0% transaction fee (in Commerce plans)
- Cart recovery tools
- Point-of-sale functionality ( Selling your products in a physical location is limited to the US only)

For an online store, Squarespace is totally worth your time and money. However, some points need some improvements such as:
    •    Squarespace doesn’t support multi-currency transactions, making it hard to use this platform locally. In this case, Shopify or Bigcommerce will be the perfect choice as they allow check-out in local currencies.
    •    The dropshipping options are limited, making it harder to sell the print-on-demand good. So, if it an important part, you may want to consider Shopify.
    •    You can't apply tax rules automatically.
    •    Payment gateways are limited to Stripe and PayPal. Unfortunately, Stripe is not available in many countries.

Overall, this website builder has great e-commerce features, which are suitable for a small business, using one currency. If you want a more advanced platform, you may want to consider other options.



Pricing Plans

When it comes to pricing packages, Squarespace is a bit more expensive than its competitors such as Wix.com. It also doesn't offer a free plan. However, with its features and services, it can deliver far better results than any other site builder. If you have an online shop, Squarespace offers packages similar to those offered by Shopify and Bigcommerce but much cheaper. But, Squarespace lacks some other important features, including tax rates, payment gateways, and support options. Squarespace offers five main premium plans:
    •    Personal: It is a great choice if you don't have an online store. You will pay $16 per month.
    •    Business: This package offers some useful marketing features such as Announcement Bar and Pop-ups. It also includes e-commerce features with a transaction fee of 3%. You will pay $26 per month.
    •    Basic Commerce:  For e-commerce capabilities, this will be the most convenient package for you. Start your online store immediately and pay $30 per month, with no transaction fees.
    •    Advanced Commerce: This package includes all the useful features, as well as e-commerce ones.  You will pay $46 per month.
    •    Squarespace Select: This package is the best for enterprises, with more established features and advanced services. It offers an account manager, website design, priority support, and SEO consultations.

One thing you should know; if you pay upfront for a year, you'll get a special price as follows:
    •    Personal: You will pay $12 per month.
    •    Business: You will pay $18 per month.
    •    Basic Commerce: You will pay $26 per month.
    •    Advanced Commerce: You will pay $40 per month.

A domain name is included in the 1-year contacts. On registering through Squarespace, you can only use new domain names.


Content Sections

With the drag and drop capability, it is easy to build the different content sections throughout your website. Squarespace is considered among the best website builder interfaces that are available on the market. You can choose from a wide range of pre-designed layouts, including About Us pages, Contact pages, Meet the team page, and more. So, what content can exactly be added? – You can add images, text, audio, maps, codes, menus, content summaries, and photo galleries. All you have to do is add content blocks and insert the content easily. With many great options, SquareSpace has become a powerful tool, competing with WordPress and others.

Also, the image management tools are among the platform's strongest features. It allows you to add, crop, edit, and resize any photo, with a focal point concentrating on the most important part. You can upload different photo presentations, including slideshows, carousels, and grids. Something else that makes this site builder special; you can browse Unsplash and Getty images within the platform. Insert images for free in case of Unsplash or pay $10 per image with Getty images. This option is extremely useful for those who don't have creative pictures in hand.

Images? – Good! Videos? – Much better! Transform your template into a striking one with the great video backgrounds feature. You can create a background video, using YouTube and Vimeo, featuring sound. You must know that on using Vimeo, you should be on Vimeo plus plan. This option creates an eye-catching interface, ensuring the best results.


Help & Support

Squarespace has a 24/7 support system, in addition to an online resource centre, with user guides, videos, and sourced answers. Also, you can send an email, contact the support desk, or better use the Live Chat. However, there is no phone support available. Emails are sometimes the slowest to answer. On testing randomly, everyone has stated they had great support experience. Sometimes, the support team even records screencasts to showcase the steps, solving your inquiry.


Customers' Opinions

Most of the customers stated that they are impressed with the SEO tools, perfect templates, and editing options. They are also interested in the free logo maker. It is a bit basic but will do the job. Many people had great experiences with the support team, always receiving prompt answers. With the customer service, yes, it went smoothly! Also, the refund system is pretty easy, with a money-back guarantee during the first 14 days. However, some have complained that you can get a refund only if you have paid on an annual basis.


Review in Short

Squarespace is all about quality! This website builder has proven its worth, competing with the top-rated platforms present nowadays. With perfect templates and in-house features, you can build a professional website in no time. It can a bit expensive, compared to other relevant platforms. However, in the right hands, you will achieve the best possible results. Also, you must know that if you already have a domain or another website hosted by WordPress or Tumblr, you can import your content on Squarespace. Overall, the website builder is effective, with great options, editing tools, and support system. Ranking second in our website builders' experiences, it is totally worth a try!


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