The 3 Best Website Builders


Interaction with social networks: Linking your website to your other social media platforms increases your reach and boosts your exposure, with the advantage of driving traffic to your website. Promote your business and website on your social media networks and vice versa. Site123 allows you to put social media URLs on your website to forge your online presence and promote your business. 


Multi-language Option:  This feature is probably the most useful and impressive of them all, Multi-language option. The multi-language tool offers about 80 different languages. So, you get to choose the main language, in addition to creating some versions in different languages with just a few clicks. This service is great as it allows people from different countries to easily navigate and understand your website, attracting more and more customers. 


Product Organization: You get to choose how your products are displayed on the website from Product Box, Categories Box, Product Page, or the General Menu Style. 


Email Marketing: Site123 allows connecting with your customers and prospects through newsletters and other types of outreach.  


Blogging Feature: Site123 supports blogging websites or adding blog posts to your website. You can't schedule posts in advance or add multiple authors. 


E-commerce options: If you have an online store or need to showcase your work Site123 will be perfect for you, supporting e-commerce through: 


Various payment options, including PayPal and credit card processing systems.

Creating coupons. 

Product categories

Custom product pricing

Manually or automatically tracking products through the store inventory system 

Support for selling digital products 

Uploading multiple images 

Identifying taxes and shipping according to the customers' locations with the five options of free shipping, flat rate, rate by order price, rate by weight, and store pickup only. 


SEO tools: With Site123, you can build SEO-friendly websites so you can rank high in the search engine results, boosting your online presence, as well as your sales. SEO tools include: 


Meta tags: You can edit the description, title, and keyword Meta tags on the different pages, blog posts, and product pages using the Settings icon.


Sitemap: Site123 generates sitemaps automatically but only for premium plans. 

Redirection: If you change your pages, redirection takes your audience to the new pages. That is important to keep your previous rankings. 


Webmaster Tools: Site123 integrates easily with Google Search Console so that Google identifies easily what improves your search engine results. 

Image Alt Text: Site123 allows you to edit the Image Alt text on your posts and articles, but not for the gallery page. 


AMP: Using the edit button on "Pages," you can easily customize your website to be displayed on the different devices. 

Custom URLs: With free plans, you can't change the permalinks which is essential for SEO. URLs must be short, precise, and easy to read. Using premium plans, you can easily edit the permalinks. 


Ease of Use & Design Flexibility 

Being one of the easiest website builders, Site123 is among the top-rated websites that are used nowadays. With Site123, it's easy to build a professional, well-structured website, no matter the type of your website, business, or industry. Building your website is just a few clicks away if done right. And, you know what the good news is; your website will work effectively on desktop, laptop, or mobile phones. 


Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 16.52.07.png

So, what is exactly the process of building a website using Site123? – Well, you must choose the right website type from sixteen main categories, including Hospitality & Tourism, Events, Online Store, Health & Wellness, and more. On clicking on the chosen category, a small pop-up window opens to display a list of sub-categories to choose from. Afterwards, you can add the name of your website and then, sign up for Site123 using your name, email address, and password. Or better, you can log in using your Facebook or Google account. Then, you will be provided with a template, featuring various settings tabs, which are homepage, pages, design, settings, domain, and publish. From these settings, you can go one by one until you complete your website. Let's break them down, shall we? 


From the Homepage tab, choose the text, background, contact area, design of the landing page, and a Google Maps integration to offer your exact location for more authenticity. Also, the site allows you to add your basic information, including the "About Us" section and services. Customize your website by choosing the theme you want from over 100 themes included on the website. Site123 got your back! It offers a library of content to choose from, including images and videos if you have a shortage of content. Here comes the best part; the Design tab allows you to choose the colour scheme, fonts, styles, footer layout, and menu options, as well as social media photos. The website can help you by offering samples of colour palettes if you can't choose manually. Moreover, the Settings tab allows you to control the website type, SEO options, language, plugins, and more. 


Site123 also gives you the choice to display your website on a single page or build a multi-page website. Also, you can rearrange the items in the section on editing the page by dragging them in the menu. One more thing, Site123 gives you the ability to preview the changes and customization you've made to your website at any time easily. Finally, use the Publish tab to send your website to the world.  


Hands down Site123 is the easiest and most straightforward website builder present on the market now!


Advantages & Disadvantages



• Free hosting and website builder

• 24/7 support

• Many website design tools

• Unlimited pages

• SEO-tools

• E-commerce integration present

• Integration with external tools, including Google Analytics,

Adwords, Facebook, Bing, and more

• Great page loading speed

• Different pricing packages

• Design flexibility 

• Many free stock images and icons

• Free email account

• Accepting credit card payments 

• Logo Resizing tools

• Third-party plugins

• Website protection

• Download App tool

• Email marketing using mailing listing tools

• Video tools

• Schedule Booking / Events Management / Restaurant Reservations / Online Stores

• Blog integration 


• Some options/features lack depth

• If your website is launched, you can't change the template

• Limited templates


Pricing Plans

If you want to establish your online presence and build your website with no budget, then this is the place for you. Site123 has a free plan with many great features, making it the best option for those seeking simplicity. Aside from the free plan, Site123 offers another four pricing plans; Basic, Advanced, Professional, and Gold Plans. If you are on a certain budget, Site123 offers different payment methods to suit everyone. You can pay for a three-month subscription, twelve-month, twenty-four months, or thirty-six months according to your needs and goals. So you know, the premium plans only come with a free domain, as well as a three-month subscription. Before you choose the convenient plan, we will dive into the different plans and their options.


Free Plan

• The URL you get is branded. For example, it will be (.site123.me)

• Storage of 500 MB

• Bandwidth of 1 GB

• A template access

• Unlimited number of pages


Basic Plan 

• The URL you get is a free domain name except for the three-month subscription and you can use your domain name. 

• Storage of 10 GB

• Bandwidth of 5 GB

• A template access

• Unlimited number of pages

• An online store to sell digital goods with 10 orders/month and offline payment methods


Advanced Plan 

• The URL you get is a free domain name except for the three-month subscription and you can use your domain name

• Storage of 30 GB

• Bandwidth of 15 GB

• A template access

• Unlimited number of pages

• Addition of PayPal to e-commerce besides offline payment methods. 


Professional Plan

• The URL you get is a free domain name except for the three-month subscription and you can use your domain name

• Storage of 90 GB

• Bandwidth of 45 GB

• A template access

• Unlimited number of pages

• You get 500 orders monthly with PayPal, in addition to Credit Card giveaways and offline payment methods


Gold Plan 

• The URL you get is a free domain name except for the three-month subscription and you can use your domain name

• Storage of 270 GB

• Bandwidth of 135 GB

• A template access

• Unlimited number of pages

• You get unlimited orders monthly with PayPal, in addition to Credit Card giveaways and offline payment methods


With Site123, you get to pay for your premium plan every month, however, the website offers remarkable discounts on paying upfront for twelve, twenty-four, or thirty-six-month subscription, saving you money. The good news is; if you're not satisfied with the service and options, you can request a full refund of all the paid fees if you cancel within the first fourteen days. Also, there are no "transaction fees" which is perfect to keep all the proceeds from your sales if your products have relatively cheap prices. 


Why choose Site123

Being the simplest free website builder, it's not surprising that many people have started to consider Site123 on building their website. It's perfect if you don't have design skills or have coding knowledge. Just upload your content and you're ready to go! If you don't have enough content, bring your website to life using the free galleries. And, what makes it even better; it can be easily adjusted to any device available. 

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