Jimdo was founded in 2007. It was firstly made in an old farmhouse by trio students, Fridtjof, Christian and Matthias. After that, the company has been continuously growing. To clarify, now they have opened offices in Munich, Tokyo and Hamburg as the headquarter. The first idea for Jimdo website builder came from people complaints. Therefore, the trio learned that people were longing to build a website without any requirements of coding knowledge. Until this time, Jimdo has built trusts from over 20 million people with various backgrounds. From entrepreneurs, musicians, photographers to online store owners, all thanks to Jimdo.

What They Offer

    •    Easy to use drag and drop tool
    •    Clean editing interface
    •    Responsive 40+ modern templates (mobile-friendly)
    •    Blogging, business and eCommerce tools available
    •    Free custom domain for 1 year
    •    Third party apps integrated (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Analytics, SEO tools)
    •    Users can embed video from YouTube
    •    Ability to protect a site or individual pages using a password
    •    A minimum storage space of 500 MB for free plan
    •    Supporting 7 languages (English, German, Dutch, French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian)
    •    E-mail and knowledge base available for customers
    •    Jimdo Dolphin (AI-based website builder) available with its own pricing plans
    •    Personalized SEO guidance for paid plans users
    •    Photo editor and image library to set slideshows or videos for backgrounds
    •    Provides a CSS and HTML access
    •    Jimdo mobile apps available to build, manage and monitor site analytics
    •    Provides a good site speed (1.22 s load time for 2.2 MB page size) with 99.96% uptime
    •    Offers a good HTTPS security encryption for every sites
    •    Have a free plan for users to try
    •    Easy-to-use Logo Creator



The 3 Best Website Builders

Ease of Use

Just like their first mission, Jimdo was made for people who doesn’t really know about coding. Therefore, the platform offers simplicity in terms of website building. You only need to pick a template as you like, then you’d be welcomed by the clean editing interface.
With Jimdo, editing can be easy and fun. Firstly, if you want to edit a text, you just need to click on the section and type it. You can also add some images by simply drag and drop it. Secondly, you can create new pages by editing the main navigation menu. Just as easy as turning the palm of your hand. In addition, click the + icon and choose the other elements from the list. For instance, adding a contact form, a table, Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps and RSS feed. Some other add-ons such as calendar, Instagram feed and music player are also available to use.



Jimdo is a platform that offers two types of website building. The first is Jimdo Creator and the second is Jimdo Dolphin. To clarify, Creator is made for users who want to customize every element by manually clicking on it. On the other hand, Dolphin is made to build a website automatically with AI suggestions. Both of them have their own pros and cons. For instance, Creator takes more time to build than Dolphin while Dolphin’s prices are two times higher. The Dolphin’s templates are also much more attractive than Creator. Consequently, you don’t have a freedom to customize your site as everything has beautifully pre-designed.
Jimdo supports seven languages including English, German, Dutch, French, Japanese, Italian and Spanish. Moreover, they provide dozens of responsive modern templates and an easy website builder with clean interface. You only need to drag and drop the elements and edit it anytime. For instance, you just have to choose font type and colour, then type it at the available section. Meanwhile, you can add photos from your device/find the best in their image library. After that, edit it by using their photo editor and click on the corner then drag to resize the image. It’s just as a piece of cake and there’s no coding knowledge needed here.
Any other benefits that you can get by using Jimdo are the ability to integrate third party applications. Some of them are Facebook, Instagram and Google Analytics. Users can also embed videos from YouTube and add it for site background. In addition, advanced users have a chance to add some widgets by using HTML code or access the site with CSS. Above all, Jimdo is also popular because they have their own mobile apps. It’s very useful for users because they can easily edit or monitor their site only with the Jimdo apps.


Value For Money

Jimdo website builder has two types of plan, one is for basic website and the other is for eCommerce. Their pricing structure for website starts from $0 per month while the eCommerce site starts from $15 per month. Both of the plan were divided into 3-4 types and each of them has differences in term of feature. For example, the Play, Start and Grow plan have their limit in storage, bandwidth and website pages. On the other hand, users of Unlimited plan doesn’t have to worry about them. However, users of free (Play) plan aren’t eligible to get automatic SEO, website statistics and a free domain. Further, they also can’t enjoy the ads-free site.
Whether you choose any website/eCommerce plan from Jimdo Creator, all of them come in reasonable prices. Their plans are good for beginners who don’t want to spend much money. You can also try the free plan just to know how impressive their builder is. Some sites that are possible with free plan are simple blog, small online store and personal site. After that, you can upgrade to the paid plans anytime. However, if you change your mind, you can easily cancel the plan within 14 days.
If you have more budget, then Jimdo Dolphin is absolutely worth to try. You can easily make a SEO-friendly site in just 3 minutes without any hassle. However, remember that they also have many plans with similar name but actually come in different features.
Please note that their billing cycle are made annually with a minimum contract of 12 or 24 months. So, you can’t subscribe the plan fewer than 12 months.


Design Flexibility

Jimdo has dozens of minimalist and simple templates that can be easily customized. From the first time you build a website, you’re free to choose what kind of template that you need. After that, you can place texts and images anywhere, change the style of your template and add some elements. It’s almost impossible for you to mess your web design with Jimdo. In addition, you can always change your template without any worry of losing the previous work.
However, people said that the templates are lacking in some way. For example, you don’t get the freedom to fully customizing your site. You can only add elements within the template structure. Moreover, you can’t preview a template before you use it and the designs are similar. The worst thing is, some templates don’t even give you a chance to customize essential parts of the site. But again, the tools provided are very easy to use. Therefore, it’s wise to choose a template carefully before you got stuck in it.


Help and Support

Jimdo has an excellent support especially in its Support Center (knowledge base). There are some articles about product guides, video tutorials and more. In addition, you can also contact them via e-mail. Although they need some time to reply (1-2 days), the customer services will politely answer your question in detail. However, they can only answer your e-mail during business hours at the weekdays.
Since they don’t support live chat or phone call, Support Center plays a really important role in the platform. The provided articles are very useful and easy to understand. So, it’ll be good for you to explore their Support Center first before reaching the company via e-mail.



Advantage and Disadvantage

Advantages :
    •    99.96% website uptime
    •    Cheap pricing
    •    Easy to use website builder
    •    Automatic SEO tools integrated
    •    Free domain for 1 year
    •    HTTPS security encrypted
    •    Analyze website statistics easily via dashboard
    •    Ads free site for paid plans users
    •    Mobile App available to build and manage website
    •    Responsive 40+ minimalist and simple templates (mobile-friendly)
    •    Website builder options : Jimdo Creator and Jimdo Dolphin (AI-based builder)
    •    Free plan available to try
    •    Supporting seven languages (English, German, Dutch, French, Japanese, Italian and Spanish)
    •    Easily integrates Google Analytics and social media accounts


Disadvantages :
    •    Limited choices of templates with poor designs
    •    Templates are not flexible enough to be customized
    •    Doesn’t have the ability to preview a template
    •    eCommerce users can only sell products in Euros and no card payments (manual/PayPal only)
    •    No import/export function
    •    Customer services are limited to only during business hours at the weekdays via e-mail
    •    Slow-response customer services (1-2 days)
    •    No e-mail accounts provided (you can only connect your current e-mail with your site)
    •    Limited bandwidth and storage even for paid plans (20 GB bandwidth and 15 GB storage at maximum) except Unlimited plan
    •    Unreasonable pricing plan for Jimdo Dolphin


Why Should Customers Choose Jimdo

Jimdo has serves more than 20 million users all around the world since 2007. The platform itself has a good reputation in term of simple and easy-to-use website builder. Moreover, they have affordable pricing plans which are good for personal or small business websites.
Above all, their official site has a page that is full of examples and inspirations for your web design. You can get a glimpse of how your website will looks like with Jimdo. Simply click one of them and have a preview of any example from the category of small business to blogger. In addition, they also opened an official blog site which shows news and tips to grow small business. Therefore, you can learn about web design, SEO, marketing and more.


A Gist of The Whole Review

Jimdo is known for it’s user-friendly website builder. The platform is very easy to understand and your site will be automatically integrated with SEO tools. Besides, they have varieties of responsive templates which offer a modern simplicity theme. They also offer you great technical features, such as good site speed, 99.96% uptime and HTTPS security encryption. Most importantly, all of those features come in a cheap pricing. By signing up for a minimum one year, you’ll get to build a site in seven languages. You’re also able to analyze your site via Google Analytics and manage everything with their mobile apps.
However, their templates are not so flexible. You can’t preview the template and some of the parts are uncustomizable. They don’t really have unique templates because all of them are similar. On the other hand, their eCommerce plans aren’t powerful enough to make your site stand in market. The pricing may be cheaper than the other competitor, but the functionality is rather basic. For instance, there are no cart savers and no card payment. The currency is also limited to Euros only.
So, Jimdo is worth to try especially for people who likes simplicity with not much needs and budgets. Their website builder is amazingly easy to use because of the minimalist themes. But, if you’re looking for the advanced and powerful ones, Jimdo may not fits you perfectly.
Customers Opinion
    •    Satisfied
Very easy tool, intuitive & user friendly. I would recommend it to any person with no prior experience on web design.
    •    Arsalan Ahmed (August 15, 2020) via mybestwebsitebuilder.com

    •    Smart design
I love displaying every product on a page because it makes it look unique and highlights its features, it's not easy to find a platform that cares so much about aesthetics when it comes to eshops.
    •    Cheyenne W.C. (August 13, 2020) via mybestwebsitebuilder.com

    •    Jimdo is incredibly easy to use. Even with no technical experience at all, you can use the AI-based builder to get your first website online within three minutes. But simplicity comes at a cost – Jimdo is quite limited in functionality and customization options, compared to other builders like Wix and Squarespace (which are just as easy to use).
    •    Hendrik Human via websiteplanet.com


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