Ease of Use

HostGator is known for its user-friendly site even for beginners. They have features for people who don’t want to give extra effort by hiring people to build and manage a website with tutorials inside. With more than 200 customizable templates, Gator has successfully made each of them easy to use by just simply drag and drop. They offer you access to built-in stock photo library and give you site analytics as well as SSL certificates to secure visitors data including payments that are made on the site because they also have a plan for e-Commerce purpose. You can also start a live chat that is opened 24/7 to get your question answered. So no more hassle, it’s just as simple as turning the palm of the hand! Now the interesting part is, you can get all of these by just purchasing a single account including the hosting and domain name!



As a big platform for website hosting and builder, HostGator offers many features to please customers and one of them is their hosting ability to give unlimited bandwidth which will improve your site capacity so it can always be accessed whenever you want, literally unlimited. This unlimited feature apparently applied to site storage too, so you don’t have to worry if your user storage is full.

They also give you free help to move files and databases from your old site to the new Gator’s site and this really made customers happy because they don’t need to be troubled alone by having to export the database to SQL, creating a new database to the new site and uploading it via FTP.

Equipped with website analytics monitor and metric tools, you can see how your site perform in the market then improving by seeing what makes visitors interested to click on your site. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, you don’t have to worry if your site will go down or even offline. Stay online, otherwise claim your guarantee.

Furthermore, HostGator also lets you open your own eCommerce site from the ample of the shopping cart to the secured payment methods with their website builder eCommerce plan.

Whatever plan you choose, HostGator will always provide you with a capability to fully customize your site by using their hundreds of modern templates collection, stock photo library and a simple drag and drop website building tools.


Value For Money

HostGator has included their 4 range of web building service and hosting on their official site including Website Builder, Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. The prices that they show are made per month and are listed below :
    •    Website Builder price starts from $3.84
    •    Shared Hosting from $2.75
    •    WordPress Hosting from $5.95
    •    VPS Hosting from $19.95
    •    Dedicated Hosting from $89.98

All of them come with 3 options of the plan each from basic to the premium ones. For example, the Shared Hosting have a Hatchling Plan as the basic type, Baby Plan for standard and Business Plan for the premium.

Please note that the advertised costs are based on the billing cycle of 36 months/3 years long, so if you don’t sign up for 3 years, you’ll be charged for $10.95 per month for Hatchling Plan and the same goes for the other plans.

For these lots of benefits and features (especially for beginners), it’s worth to sign up for 36 months indeed. However just so you know, the price will rises soon when you want to renew your plan after 3 years of use to $6.95/month for Hatchling Plan. So it’s wise to do thorough research at the other website builder before you choose HostGator for your site.


Design Flexibility

As a user-friendly site, HostGator made customizing a website even easier. By just dragging and dropping, you can use the efficient image editor, types of text boxes, inserting some images, videos, maps and contact forms as well as embedded elements such as SoundCloud music player or Twitter feeds. You can simply click the interface of any items that you want to edit and move it to anywhere you want. Set with modern and professional templates, you will find no problem while configuring the site-building.


Help and Support

Most customers said that HostGator has very good customer services both via live chat and phone or even through their social media account. You can get live support whenever you need the experts by just contacting them and they will reply to your chat at a glance. They also provide you with a Support Portal named as Knowledge Base and some FAQ that will help you solve your problems. Access their video tutorials freely or join the forum to see if the other users have experienced the same issue.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Unlike the other website builders and hosting, HostGator supports more than 75 apps with single free site transfer that lets you move from your existing website to the new one that is made with Gator. With more than 10 features, you can also get a custom domain name for your website and they will give you a  guarantee for your data protection. Since it’s a paid product, you won’t find any disruption made by ads on your website so you can make every empty space noteworthy. Time to say goodbye to buffering!

Despite their many pros, HostGator also has some cons including slow page speed with more than 1 second to load a text-based page, extra fees for Backups, Gmail, Malware, SiteLock monitoring and SEO tools. You may find their plans aren’t inexpensive at all, but the thing is you don’t know when you will need those features above and when you click it, you’ll find how pricey those additional services are especially when it’s time to renew your plan with an inordinately high price.

Why Should Customers Choose HostGator

With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, HostGator gives you a standard uptime level with reasonable price so you can rest assured while relying on this platform. It’s long founding history has built trust from people all around the globe and as an awards-winning platform (2016 Best Web Hosting from Hosting Advice, PCMag.com and wpbeginner), HostGator has also opened a blog page to help people grow their start-up and small businesses with some of marketing tips and tricks, web hosting tips, marketing buzz, list of e-books, courses and webinars as well as business tips during COVID-19. Partnering with Endurance International Group and the other big corporate has successfully made people consider their business is legit and will be available for a long time.

A Gist of The Whole Review

Overall, HostGator has win customers heart by its user-friendly site and their options of hosting started from shared web hosting to dedicated hosting that surely has their own luring benefits. Offering a secured hosting with modern mobile-friendly templates, interesting site features and an easy-to-use website builder, HostGator has a hike in rank from the eyes of beginners to experts. They definitely give their clients the best treatment, so it affects the price indeed. Their pricing plans may not sound good for small businesses with not many monthly profits. Yes, they may only charge you $2.75/month for shared web hosting, but this happens with one condition: you have to sign up for 3 years straight away. Then if you agreed with their term and decided to use their services for 3 years onwards, be prepared to pay for $6.95/month when it’s time to renew your plan.


Customers Opinion

(via hostingfacts.com)

    •    Tried many, stick with it
I host several sites for different kind of sites and customers, tried many hosting suppliers big and small and Hostgator still reliable, good support, good rates and good performance. I have been using them for more than 8 years.
 Mike S. (January 2, 2020)

    •    Very good
In an age where "hosting-is-hosting" and it's "good" everywhere you go, hosting companies are 'getting ahead' of the competition on price and customer support and Hostgator toes the line. They make GoDaddy look like amateurs. And Hostgator is CONSIDERABLY less expensive. Hostgator is the best hosting value available at this writing. And that comes from a power user with 12 hosting accounts spread out over 5 different companies. (It's better for SEO to have your domains on different servers and IP's)

They're generous with their iNodes, and space. They have nimble servers. When they tell you that they can give you a product or service, for example, Widget "A" there are no apologies later when they can't.
I get that at a lot of hosts. Sales overpromising. Not at Hostgator. Their customer support has let me down ONCE in 3 years. Brian Christian. I was thinking "wtf?" is the NEW? Never found out. Besides that one time, I've had everything fixed in one try and I'm not talking about restarting the server or troubleshooting WordPress. I'm talking about doping out .htaccess rewrites and handling CSR SSL installations, proper glue on a private nameserver and deactivation of WP Plugins even through a catastrophic failure and 500 Internal Server Error that prevents any client-side fix. These guys are GREAT. So there you have it. You can find it cheaper. But you better know what you're doing and be practically self-service, because you're not getting any backup when you try to bootstrap your .wordpress backup restore via FTP or figure out where your excess iNodes are hiding. Hostgator's gotyour back.
- Doc Johnson (January 23, 2020)

    •    4 years experience, average
Overall an average experience. Hostgator pushed WordPress for a while but I hated it, too complicated for website use. For the cost, do not get enough pages. As fees go up, need to look for another host. Other than that, the website works although website maintenance to seems clunky. Tech Support usually good but takes a while to reach someone after 5 PM and on weekends.
 DC (September 30, 2019)



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